why you should definitely study in India ?

July 2024

The Importance of study in India

India is full of diversity in everything. It is the land of most religions, countless cultures, varieties of fauna and so much more. But what India is often gets forgotten for is its education. India offers a whole wide range of options for both national and international students. Still, some of the students from our own country prefer to study abroad. Although, there are multiple reasons why you should definitely study in India.

But why you should definitely study in India? There are many reasons. India is amongst the most exciting countries in the world and all those different cultures and religions could be a bit intimidating but it sure can be a handful of experiences. It brings a whole new perspective to some and a getaway from stereotypical lives for others.

Foreign students could find it somewhat challenging to live in a country like India where there are people everywhere. But it certainly is rewarding. May it be on experience or affordability or many other factors. India offers so much and institutions like IITs, IIMs, AIIMS, and others have put the country on the list of the best Ranking sources like QS Higher Education System strength rankings.

With so much progress going on and the rapidly growing economy, India could just be the perfect place for you to pursue your higher education from. In this specific article, we will talk about the reasons that make India a perfect place to study.

1. Great if not the best universities

India has some great universities. India is the second most populated country has gone through some serious innovations and efficient expansions in many sectors in the last few decades and education is included too. While there are tons of options to choose from for both Indian and international students, the top-ranked Indian universities like IITs and AIIMS are the top picks for many of them. Studying in such prestigious universities is certainly one of the reasons to study in India.

2. Affordable Everything

So this is one of the first concerns of the students. Will it be affordable? While there are tons of options, many of them are simply put over budget. And studying and living in a different country can be a matter of concern for many international students. But living here in India is easy and comparatively cheaper. Even the tuition fees for colleges are way lower as compared to the major educational hubs like the US and UK.

An HSBC report has stated that while studying in Australia and the US can cost you an average of $24,000 and 25,000 worth of tuition fees respectively. In India, it’s less than $600. Isn’t it great? The tuition fees themselves give a remarkable edge to India over the tuition fees in the west. The apartment, food, travel, and other accommodations are also cheaper in India. Another reason to study in India.

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3. Second Largest Higher Education System

Do you know how many universities and colleges are in India? It’s a massive mash-up of 600 universities and over 18,000 colleges. Isn’t it insane?

Just after the US, India is the second-largest higher education system in the world. It consists of undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral degrees and many other degree equivalent diplomas.

The Indian education system is so vast and has networks all around the globe. May it be students or faculty ensuring diversity at its best and also providing opportunities to attain academic and interpersonal greatness.

4. Cities that nurture students

Okay, so another reason to study in India is that there are many cities that students may find helpful and chill. With over 500 cities, India is a country of astonishment and if students do decide to study here, they will have plenty of options to choose from.

There is so much to learn even outside the curriculum, a great chance to learn something new about the vibrant nature, traditions, and cultures. India has to lot to offer in every department. Some cities are superior to others in terms of education and accommodations.

The most famous city is Mumbai. And why not? With institutions such as IIT Bombay, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, NIFT, etc, it always catches the attention of the students. Delhi is another city, perfect for foreign students with so many international-level universities and colleges. Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad also boasts high academic standards.

5. Scholarship Programs

Although the cost of education in India is still very economic as compared to other Western countries. Still, there are many scholarships programs introduced by the government to assist foreign students and Indian students as well. It comes as financial aid to the students who want to study in India.

There are many scholarship programs like the General Cultural Scholarship scheme given to the students of Asia, Africa, and Latin America annually to pursue Bachelor’s, Master’s, and other research-based courses. There are many other scholarship programs such as Commonwealth Fellowship plans where commonwealth governments offer scholarships to the students of other commonwealth countries. Cultural Exchange program, where students from a university get to study abroad at one of their partner institutions.

6. One of a kind programs

All of the reasons mentioned above are legit but it all comes to the quality of education in the end, right? India has some of the top-ranking universities but apart from that there are a humongous amount of courses that are offered in every discipline to the students and it is one of the top reasons to study in this country.

Engineering, Medicine, and Management are the top courses you can study in India. Courses like Bachelor of Technology and Bachelor of Commerce attract the most number of international students.

7. Revolutionary courses

Apart from the mainstream courses, India also offers courses that come straight out of the depths of its very rich history. While they offer frontline science research courses they also offer courses in the very traditional subjects like Ayurveda, Asanas, Yoga, Sanskrit, all of which have become immensely popular in the past few years.

This is revolutionary in the sense that it equips you with practical, academic, spiritual, and physical knowledge. Making you eligible to help not only yourself but also others. Yoga, in particular, has become very popular among international students.

8. Experience the campus life

Almost all of the big universities and colleges provide on-campus hostel facilities in India. That makes it a super-secure and sound environment to live in. With so many languages, cultural backgrounds, traditions, it can become a hell of a deal for international students to deal with at first. But with time they will learn to relate, enjoy and acknowledge it.

So many people to interact with, so much to learn from each other and so many activities that are not included in the curriculum make the campus environment in India, a must-have experience and another of the top reasons to study in India.

9. Massively Rising Economy

The Indian Economy is rising at a tremendous rate. While it’s still sitting at the 5th spot, it is expected to be among the top 3 by the end of this decade. That means it will be the fastest-growing economy in the next 10 years.

But how is it relevant to the students who study here? According to research, India is among the countries with the most entrepreneurial setups in the world and most number of companies attaining the unicorn status. This country has the undying potential of globally dynamic business prospects which means tremendous global connections and opportunities. That’s another and probably one of the top reasons to study in India.

10. Employment opportunities

You have completed your education in India but what now? You would need work too. India offers awesome work opportunities, especially to foreign students. Although, they cannot work while they are studying on their student visa. But they can opt for an employment visa after their studies and work in India.

Indian companies always look out for global executives. And if you have pursued your education from India, it will make it easier for you to research and find companies with great potential. India is becoming a major entrepreneurial hub and some companies are growing and becoming world-class so everybody wants to dive in.

Wrapping up

India may not be your first choice to pursue your higher education from right now but sooner or later it will be. It is a very promising country that is full of vibrant opportunities. Studying here basically means being a part of the inevitable progress and the major understanding of the outlook that would take the world by storm.

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