Top Petroleum Engineering Colleges in Dehradun

June 2024

Best Petroleum Engineering Colleges

Petroleum engineering is a branch of engineering which deals with the study of the production and non-hostile usage of natural resources and non-renewable energy sources such as Crude Oil, Natural Gases, Hydrocarbons, etc. In recent years, the awareness regarding non-renewable resources has increased. That has risen up the numbers of students enrolling in this course significantly. There are many world-class top B.Tech Petroleum engineering colleges in Dehradun offering top-notch education and we are just here to talk about that. Let’s get started.

University of Petroleum and Energy Studies

Although UPES offers engineering in many different streams, their specialty is Petroleum engineering and they are the best in Dehradun. Students who enroll in this program get proper education and practical training in petroleum engineering. The curriculum focuses on training students on how to locate and manufacture biofuels.

Their experienced faculty team inspires their students and gives them a thorough knowledge of all major technical characteristics of hydrocarbons and the technical issues that come within and how to rectify them. They have an amazing infrastructure and a very comfy campus environment where students get all the facilities. You can refer to their official website for more details.

Graphic Era University, Dehradun

Graphic Era University offers a four-year industry-oriented B.Tech program in Petroleum Engineering and is one of the pioneers in it. Their curriculum covers everything which comes under Petroleum education. They have a very well-educated and experienced faculty team as most of them have worked in this industry as well. are proficient in teaching students all about the complexity of hydrocarbons and all of their compounds.

Graphic Era has one of the best infrastructures in the city and they have well-equipped labs and high-tech classrooms. All these qualities make GEU one of the best petroleum engineering colleges in Dehradun. They also offer accommodations like a hostel for boys and girls and high-speed computer access.

DIT University

DIT offers a bachelor’s degree in Petroleum engineering and their program includes modern tech, applied science, etc. This program enables students to use their skills to apply innovative technologies in the petroleum industry like drilling, production, manufacturing, refining of crude oils, and hydrocarbons, and petrochemicals.

The enhanced curriculum provides in-depth knowledge unlike anyone else. Appointed faculty members are highly qualified academics and highly efficient in creating technical professionals. They have a very aesthetic infrastructure and a world-class campus which provides all the necessary facilities to students. That’s why DIT is amongst the top picks of students in Dehradun.

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Uttaranchal Institute of Technology

Uttaranchal Institute of Technology or UIT also offers petroleum engineering courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Pretty much like the other colleges, their curriculum deals with the study of the research and production of crude oils, petrol fuels, and gases. Their experienced faculty deals with the students in a practical way and focuses on individuals of different calibers.

With very top-notch infrastructure and world-class facilities within college only, UIT is quickly becoming a top leader in Petroleum engineering. Other than that, they have internship programs and placement programs as well. Many graduated students are working in big oil refineries in the country.

Quantum School of Technology

Quantum College of Technology is among the best petroleum engineering colleges in Dehradun. They offer a comprehensive B.Tech program in Petroleum. Their curriculum deals with the production of fossil fuels and allied products and also to design and develop upgraded technology for the extraction of petroleum.

Their program deals with all three major aspects of Petroleum engineering – reservoir, drilling, and production. Infrastructure is on part with the best and they offer many facilities on their campus only. The best part about this institute is its placement record. Many students are working in rigs and oil refineries and are getting paid very handsomely and are traveling worldwide.

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