The what and why of Admission Jockey?

What is Admission Jockey?

Admission Jockey aims to be the best among the leading higher education search portals in India. Our website hosts a wide range of educational institutions and makes admission an accessible and convenient process for students across the nation.

Hence, we dedicate all our resources to benefit -


We provide a comprehensive range of services to make college-hunt effortless and hassle-free.

Colleges and Universities

We help to convert colleges and universities into students’ dream destinations with higher brand visibility and advocacy.

This is how we turn every student’s dream into reality -

Shortlist the ideal colleges with the help of a filtered search

Take the assistance of Admission Jockey through FREE career counseling or COMPARE feature.

Choose the college that fits all the criteria.

Fill up all the necessary details in the pop-up form.

Our executive operators will reach the students and make their admission hassle-free through our student-friendly services.

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