Top Colleges for MBA in India

June 2024

Top MBA college in India

Entrepreneurship and Self-employed small business are laying the foundation of the entrepreneurial revolution in India. But before initiating anything, you should have proper knowledge of the business. MBA or Master in Business Administration is one of the most popular post-graduate business programs in our country. This 2-year program gives tons of jobs and business opportunities. This course basically involves the learning of maintaining business administrations and operations. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the best MBA colleges in India.

IIM – Indian Institute of Management

Indian Institute of Management is hands down the best management college in India. It is considered the toughest MBA Program in the world to get admitted to. Their main objective is to prepare young students into highly competitive professional entrepreneurs and managers who are fully capable of working or leading in any sector. All over interpersonal skills and decision-making skills of the students are triggered along with the leadership qualities. They have the best in the business faculty from all across the country and the students who graduated from here are some of the most innovative workers and entrepreneurs leading our country in the right way. IIM is unarguably one of the finest MBA colleges in India.

Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi

One of the best business management institutes in our country, this IIT’s department of management studies is giving our country the next generation of management professionals. The most disciplined and talented faculty develop master management skills in all types of businesses and promotes the mindset of an entrepreneur, helps students be creative and take risks and overcome every challenge faced in front of them. Here, students get international exposure too as the education model influence you to leave your comfort zone and develop your skills to be the best you could be. Students who graduated from here are working in the topmost companies in our country and across the world.

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XLRI – Xavier School of Management

Xavier School is ranked in the top 5 MBA colleges of management in India. They are known for teaching marketing management, financial, human resource, international trade, operations, supply chain management, and many other management courses. The faculty here has a very dynamic, application-oriented assessment helping students throughout their journey to becoming the best in business management professionals. They also help students with career development and assistance, mentoring the students in the right direction so that they can achieve their dreams. They have a brilliant infrastructure and all the accommodations. Xavier college should be one of your top picks if you want to enroll in an MBA course.

Indian School of Business

Indian School of Business in Hyderabad is amongst the best-ranked management institutes in India. The highly effective MBA program here is designed to prepare young students with multiple skills in various disciplines along with innovative thinking skills and research and developments skills which ultimately help in the rapid growth of themselves and the industry they are working for. They provide some best-in-class services to the students and have a dedicated team to solve every query they have. The right mentoring of the placement cell makes sure that the right talent gets noticed and placed where they belong. ISB is amongst the top MBA colleges in India. You can check their official website to know more about the admission procedure.

Faculty of Management Studies (FMS)

Faculty of Management Studies also called FMS is a leading business school which is located in New Delhi. Their course is carefully curated and focuses on the overall education of business management and extensive research to explore the latest knowledge available. Their policies are very clear, they nurture the desire of becoming the best performer while not compromising with honesty and integrity. They have world-class infrastructure, a college campus, hi-tech labs, and fully equipped libraries. The curriculum is the result of various innovations and regular reviews of the faculty members and with the help of professionals in industry and students. Many of the graduates are placed in some of the best companies in the country and even abroad. FMS is one of the best MBA colleges in India.

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